Thursday Tale

Warm-up exercise:

• Picture prompt: take a look at the picture in the following link. Spend a few minutes writing whatever comes to mind when you look at this image. What story does it tell?:

• Imagine that Death visits you and asks you for your help. Write the scene.

1. An Argument

Whilst in the house of the Godfather, the man comes across a broom and a shovel in an argument with one another. They even violently beat each other about. What are they arguing about? Write the scene from the perspective of either the broom or the shovel.

• What are they arguing about – about a love interest, about their respective jobs etc.?

• Were the broom and the shovel friends before this argument or have they always been rivals?

• What are the names of the broom and the shovel?

• How long have they worked for the Godfather?

• Do either of them win this argument – what happens, how does the argument come to an end?

2. The Little Water Glass

In the tale, the Godfather hands the man a little water glass which he says can cure someone of their sickness.

Write an origins story for the little water glass.

• Who created this little water glass?

• Does the glass produce a never-ending supply of water or is it that the glass can be re-filled with water from anywhere and it will still cure someone of their sickness?

• When was this little water glass created?

• What land was the glass created in and does it have any patterns on it?

• How many owners had it had before it came to the man?

• Can it only be passed on to someone else through the Godfather?

• What would happen if someone were to steal the water glass from the man?

3. Fish Go To Cooking-Fish School

In the tale, the man comes across fish cooking themselves in a pan, whilst he is looking for the Godfather in the Godfather’s house.

Imagine that these fish have to go to a school where they are taught how to cook themselves. Write about a day in the life of a student at this school.

• What is the name of the school?

• What is the name of the student from whose perspective you are writing this scene?

• What are the different lessons offered at this school?

• Who are the professors at this school – do they change quite often?

• What does it feel like for a fish to be cooked and eaten?

• How are the fishes at this school made to believe that this is the life they must lead and are there any who are against living this life of being cooked and eaten?

4. Death’s To-Kill List

Imagine that you have been hired as one of Death’s assistants. The job of the assistant is to go into a place known as ‘The Shop’ with a list known as ‘Death’s To-Kill List’. And you must pick up everything…or everyone…on ‘Death’s To-Kill List.’ Write the scene.

• How did you get the job as one of Death’s assistants?

• What does ‘The Shop’ look like – what’s inside it, how is it set up etc.?

• What does Death’s To-Kill List look like – is it digital, is it a piece of paper, is it marks on your skin etc.?

• What items are listed on the To-Kill list – are they objects, people, creatures etc.?

• How do you pick something or someone up from the shop?

• What happens to the list once you have picked up each item or person on the list?

• How many assistants does Death have?

• What do you get in return for working as one of Death’s assistants?

• Does every assistant have a different type of job to do?

5. The Godfather

The tale ends with the man running away from the house of the Godfather and the words ‘and if he had not, who knows what the godfather would have done to him.’

Imagine that the man had stayed, and the Godfather turned the man into the next Death i.e: the creature who hands out death to the living. Write the scene.

• Why did the Godfather choose the man to be the next Death?

• What happens to the one who was Death before the man?

• How is the man converted into the next Death – what is the process, what does it feel like, does it change his appearance etc.?

• How does the Godfather have the power to turn the man into Death?

6. Retell the tale

Pick one of the following and retell the tale:

What if?:

What if one of the older children, of the poor man, was in fact the Godfather with the horns? Write the story.


The year is 9042. The earth is littered with dead heads and dead fingers. Death has taken all. Death simply did what Death was supposed to do. And now Death wanders the land alone with no purpose. There is something that might be able to restore Death’s purpose, something that can bring back Life – a cup made from the horns of the one once known as the Godfather. Write the story.

You may find it helpful to use the material you have come up with from the previous exercises to help you with your retelling.

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