The Ugly Duckling

Please read the story by Hans Christian Andersen before attempting these questions. 

1. Origins:

Create an origins story for each of the following:

  • The egg from which the ugly Duckling hatches. Did it come from the duck? Was it a misplaced egg? Was it left there by a witch? 
  • The manor, around which the burdocks grew where the ugly Duckling was born. Who lives in this manor? How long has this manor been in existence for? Who built it? 

2. Setting:

Write a description of the following (in your descriptions remember to include sensory descriptions – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch): 

  • The swamp – write a description of the swamp from the ugly Duckling’s point-of-view.

3. What if?: 

  • What if the ugly Duckling was born the most beautiful duckling at the very beginning of the story? Write the story. 
  • What if the ugly Duckling never became a swan in the end? Write the story. 

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