Sleeping Beauty

Please read the story by The Brothers Grimm before attempting these questions. 

1. Origins:

Create an origins story for each of the following:

  • The frog who tells the King and Queen that they will have a daughter. The frog says, ‘Your wish shall be fulfilled; before a year has gone by, you shall have a daughter.’ Where did the frog come from? Is the frog the one that grants them their wish? Or is the frog a messenger of a divine being?
  • The thirteen Wise Women. Who are they? Create names for each of them. Where do they come from? How are they able to bestow gifts such as virtue and beauty upon Briar-Rose? 
  • The spindle upon which Briar-Rose pricks her finger. Did this spindle survive the raid and if so, how? Or was it a brand new spindle, perhaps created from magic?

2. Setting:

Write a description of the following (in your descriptions remember to include sensory descriptions – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch): 

  • The tower where Briar-Rose finds the spindle that sends her to sleep. 
  • The castle and its grounds at the moment just after Briar-Rose pricks her finger and the place became frozen in time. 
  • The thorny hedge that grows around the castle and traps the princes that attempt to cut it down. 
  • The castle and its grounds at the moment all awake from the curse. 

3. What if?: 

  • What if the curse was placed for two thousand years and someone in the modern world stumbled into this ancient sleeping kingdom? Write the story. 
  • What if the prince who marries Briar-Rose is the frog from the beginning of the story? Or what if his father is the frog from the beginning of the story? Write the story. (See if you’re able to create a crossover story with The Frog King, or Iron Henry.) 
  • What if the hedge of thorns that grows around the castle are in fact the needles from the spindles that were burnt during the raid and they have risen up from the ground? Write the scene/story. 

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