My Writer’s Diary for Mud

Part way through my Mud Brown journey, I started a diary to document my writing struggles and epiphanies for this project. Below, I will share some of these entries. To those on the writing journey, I hope you find them encouraging.

My Writing Diary, Entry One: ‘Your characters chose you to tell their stories. Do them justice and do not give up.’
My Writing Diary, Entry Two: ‘Twenty-six thousand words into Mud’s story my characters went silent. Hesitated to write down brewing back story. Didn’t understand it. Kept asking myself why. Why do my characters exist? Why does my world exist? Answers felt forced. Wrote down forced answers last week. Forced out a few more. 

   Saturday – went for a jog. First time in a long time since I’ve jogged. Struggled to breathe. Bones clicked. Breath wheezed. Sunday – went for a jog. Pigeons flapped their wings…repeatedly. I glanced over my shoulder…repeatedly. This morning – went for a jog. Face smacked by cold wind. Tear rolled down my cheek. Second one followed. My characters woke from their two week slumber. They whispered to me. To each other. I know now. Story can move forward.’

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