I cannot recall the exact circumstances that gave rise to the idea, perhaps it was an advert on the telly for Snow White, but I remember turning to my sister and saying, ‘Mud Brown.’ She burst out laughing and told me that was a story I should write.

It started out as a parody. One uninspired rough plan later, the notes were shoved into a cupboard. Time passed. A new beginning to Mud’s story formed. I wrote it down. But again, something wasn’t quite right.

Last year, a ‘Fun With Fairytales’ session with my writers’ group, resulted in new life being breathed into an old story. What was once supposed to be a simple parody of a well-known tale has now become something entirely different.

I am excited to share with you some excerpts and other bits n’ bobs of this story that has been five to six years in the making. The links below will take you to the relevant pages. I hope you enjoy Mud’s journey as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

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