Little Riding-Hood

Please read the story by The Brothers Grimm before attempting these questions. 

1. Origins:

Create an origins story for the following:

  • The little cap of red velvet given to Little Riding-Hood by her grandmother. Was this made by her grandmother? Is it a family heirloom that has been passed down through several generations? Does it have magic in it? 

2. Setting:

Write a description of the following (in your descriptions remember to include sensory descriptions – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch): 

  • The wood in which Riding-Hood’s grandmother lives. 
  • Write a description from the point-of-view of the grandmother from inside the stomach of the wolf. What is it like being inside a stomach? Are there other people in there with her? What is it like when Little Riding-Hood joins her?

3. What if?: 

  • What if the wolf was the protagonist of the tale? Write the story.
  • Towards the end of the story, a huntsman frees Little Riding-Hood and her grandmother from the stomach of the wolf. He takes the skin of the dead wolf as a prize. In a second part to the story, a second wolf comes knocking on their door. What if that second wolf was the huntsman wearing the skin of the dead wolf? Is there magic in the dead wolf’s skin? Do those who wear it become it? Write the story. 

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