22.05.2021: Lost

22.05.2021: Lost All that is lost will be found.  Grave news. Four weeks ago I came to you full of hope. That hope now lies beneath a drain, washed away by the tears that soaked her pillow as a crowd of thoughts sunk their teeth into brain-flesh. They gnawed. They bit. They swallowed. They draggedContinue reading “22.05.2021: Lost”

07.04.2021: Community

07.04.2021: Community Writing is a solitary activity. This belief suited her perfectly…for a time…a long time.  She suffers from social anxiety you see. I would watch as she stared up at the ceiling, unsuccessfully twirling her pen. She would look to her right where the sun occasionally streamed through the glass. Then to her left.Continue reading “07.04.2021: Community”